Re: htdig: htdig gone crazy!

Erik Campo (
Thu, 21 May 1998 09:51:24 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 22 May 1998, Ken Mitchelhill wrote:

> Eric,
> thanks for the comment, I re-ran rundig again (for the third time in the
> last two days) last night and it came good, very screwey, I don't
> understand, but my ISP has had some hardware problems over the past day or
> two with some obvious other file corruptions so maybe one of the indexing
> tables got hit?
> By the way, on the subject of using crontab to schedule your updates, where
> does the output from rundig end up? I have been trying to set up my crontab
> correctly but am concerned that I'm not getting any output.
> My crontab has just one line as follows:
> 30 05 * * mon /home/kenm/abrf-www/htdig/bin/rundig
> does that look OK to you and would you expect the output to be mailed
> somewhere?

This looks perfectly normal to me. Furthermore, that is exactly the way
I do it myself. Here are the crontab lines for my rundigs, since I have
two sites to index:

0 4 * * 5 /export/home3/htdig/bin/rundig.uqam
0 5 * * 5 /export/home3/htdig/bin/rundig.regis

This works very well, but, I do not get any mail from htdig. If you'd
like the results mail, I guess you should pipe the command to mail? I
don't think you need to redirect the output. I can't remember exactly, but
Unix redirects commands to some tty when you don't actually have one.
You could also redirect it to /dev/null if you will.



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