Re: Some problems

Johan Fredrik Ohman (
Tue, 19 May 1998 21:07:15 +0200

From: Andrew Scherpbier <>
>There is no way for ht://Dig to find files that are not linked in, somehow.
>So, you must be mistaken about the Faq.html file.

I was wrong, I found thanks to the -vvs coomand that faq.html file was
linked by the Wusage statstic program.

Does the -i option delete all the databse info, and starts over ?
By other words, if I delete the "db" dir, do I delete all the retrieved
info about my site.

When I'm asking, I tried to make a script like this:
#! /bin/sh

... and named it: updateht , and placed it in the cgi-bin. The idea was to
be able to update it by accessing the script by the browser. Well, it
didn't work :(
I got this errormessage: Can't create temporary file /foo/foo/db.db or
somethig like this, I don't remember. Well anyway the script works when I
logg inn via Telenet and run it from there.
I really dont now much about these Unix Shell script (I guess thats the name
of it), and I don't know if the #! /bin/sh is nessecery.

Johan F. hman         Essay Organization

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