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J.E.J. op den Brouw (
Mon, 18 May 1998 14:57:48 +0200

First of all, are you using 3.0.8b2? Previous versions have
may bugs....
Secondly, can you mail your search page? Maybe that helps.


Tracy R Reed wrote:
> I have a LOT of mailing list archives that I want to make searchable with
> htdig. I've been using htdig for a few months now, but the entire archive
> is so big that I always run out of ram/swap (a total of 328M) before the
> whole thing gets indexed. I've decided to try fixing this by splitting up
> the mail archives by list and by year. This should cut the amount of data
> to index at any one time by quite a bit. So I have multiple config files
> which I specify using -c to htdig and htmerge which search different parts
> of the html tree containing the list archives and dump them into seperate
> db directories. Now I need to tell htsearch which database to look in when
> a user is doing a search in a particular page. So on each mailing lists
> page I have set the hidden variable config to "listname". There is a
> listname.conf file in the htdig/conf dir. But whenever I submit the page,
> htsearch seems to ignore the config variable and it's value and goes for
> the default htdig.conf. I've verified that the value is set right, the
> files are in the htdig/conf dir, the files are readable, the db's are
> there and readable... Any suggestions?
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