htdig: multiple-search db problem

Tracy R Reed (
Sat, 16 May 1998 19:11:12 -0700 (PDT)

I have a LOT of mailing list archives that I want to make searchable with
htdig. I've been using htdig for a few months now, but the entire archive
is so big that I always run out of ram/swap (a total of 328M) before the
whole thing gets indexed. I've decided to try fixing this by splitting up
the mail archives by list and by year. This should cut the amount of data
to index at any one time by quite a bit. So I have multiple config files
which I specify using -c to htdig and htmerge which search different parts
of the html tree containing the list archives and dump them into seperate
db directories. Now I need to tell htsearch which database to look in when
a user is doing a search in a particular page. So on each mailing lists
page I have set the hidden variable config to "listname". There is a
listname.conf file in the htdig/conf dir. But whenever I submit the page,
htsearch seems to ignore the config variable and it's value and goes for
the default htdig.conf. I've verified that the value is set right, the
files are in the htdig/conf dir, the files are readable, the db's are
there and readable... Any suggestions?

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