htdig: htsearch doesn't accept dots '.' in conf file name

Neil Cutcliffe (
Fri, 15 May 1998 10:31:08 -0700

I noticed htsearch doesn't accept a conf file name (via the 'config'
form field) if the file name has any dots ('.') in it? Does anyone
know the reason for this restriction?

I'm setting up htdig on a server with several virtual hosts and want
to have a conf file and db directory for each virtual host. For example:


htsearch wants the 'config' input field to be the name of the conf file
without the '.conf'. Perhaps that's related to its rejection of a name
containing a dot. Insights?

PS. Anyone else setting up htdig for multiple virtual hosts on a single
server? Any advantages to keeping the search databases separate? Is there
any activity to get support for this sort of configuration 'builtin' to
the htdig distribution? When I get my setup working, I would be glad to
provide feedback and contribute help.

Neil Cutcliffe
Tenon Intersystems
1123 Chapala St. Suite 200 805 963 6983
Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805 962 8202 fax

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