htdig: Sites found but not indexed?

Alex Block (
Mon, 11 May 1998 16:20:46 -0400

<bigger>I have some strange things happening with two sites we are
indexing with htdig:

1) The first site is:

The verbose from rundig indicates that it finds the site (New server:, 80)...

The log reports that the index page for the site is indexed
( +++- size = 1296)

But then it begins reporting indexing pages that don't appear under that
URL, for example:

27:10:1: **---- size = 3963


2) The second site is:

<bigger> -- which is up and running, but that htdig reports
as not found....

</bigger>Anyone have ideas why htdig might be responding in this fashion
for either of these sites?


Alex Block

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1376 Bank St, Ottawa, Canada

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