Omar Fernando Martinez (
Wed, 6 May 1998 18:03:57 -0500 (COT)

Mr. Scherpbier :

We install htdig for the search in the HTML-pages here in colnodo
(, and the search engine is
( I think that we are working with
an excelent product.

We almost are devolping a project in colnodo, called Proyecto Bases de
Datos. And we are testing diferent database interface for the WWW.
You can see our project in

But, now i'm working in one page that inform the user the number of
coincidences in all the data-bases on-line till now.

I need to active the executable-file htsearch from one file maked in perl.
Is there any to activate-it with some parameters, without stay in
HTML-page or in a Browser.

Thank you.

Omar Fernando Martinez Gamboa
Proyecto Bases
Colnodo - Bogota/Colombia

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