htdig: Does htdig works on Digital UNIX?

Anh Juan Bui (
Tue, 05 May 1998 08:21:11 -0400


I've been trying to install htdig on our DEC Alpha 8000, which runs Digital
UNIX V4.0B (Rev. 564) and have no success.

First, I could not make and make install because my system could not
compile with gcc. So, my UNIX system administrator did a few things and
was able to get it installed. He reinstalled the cc/c++ compiler on our
machine and replaced gcc with cc on the gdbm fileswith cc to compile the

Anyway, htdig was installed on my Dec Alpha. I modified the htdig.conf to
reflect my web environment and ran the rundig program. Everything seems to
be OK - the htdig/db directory has the database that rundig created.
However, one minor problem. When I run the htseach through the results are always "No Match were

I traced back and followed every steps from the instructions from the htdig
site. Yet, still no success! Does anyone knows of any problem that htdig
has on Digital UNIX? Does anyone has any suggestion for me. Thanks.

Anh Bui
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