htdig: european chars

Iosif Fettich (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 17:58:16 +0300 (EET DST)

Sorry, I hope this is not really off-topic and it makes some sense
(even) for the htdig problems list.

> I`ve had a problem of htdig not indexing local charset (ukrainian) at
> all. Problem was solved by installing a locale for my language and
> adding a line to htdig.conf :
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> locale: koi8-u
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> koi8-u is the name of my locale. Insert yours instead.
> Anton Yurchenko

Well... My setlocale manpage says:

       Linux supports the portable locales "C" and "POSIX" and
       also the European Latin-1 "ISO-8859-1" , and Russian
       "KOI-8" locales.

No mention about ISO-8859-2, while this is what I need. Till having the
_real_ (?) solution in the OS, I still don't know a better solution than
the quick hack in htdig. Right or wrong?


Iosif Fettich

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