htdig: european chars; restricting to top

Tim Maroney (
Tue, 28 Apr 1998 19:42:12 -0700

More questions:

I use some European characters in standard HTML format on my web pages.
In the search results they come out munged into something else, something
tenebrous and wrong. For instance, Francois Rabelais gets something else
in place of the special "c". How do I prevent this?

The patterns usable in restrictions are not described. What are they? Is
there a way that I can restrict the search to files that are at the top
of my web site, for example? If I just specify the leading part of the
URL then it will match all the files rather than just those at the top.
In general if B is a subdirectory of A how do I restrict the search to
just A and not B?

I suppose I could use a combination of restrict and exclude but that
can't be easily controlled from a single popup menu. I could link the
menu to a hidden field with JavaScript, but that would mean the popup
would have different items depending on whether JavaScript was enabled or
not, turning my HTML into some kind of weird conditionalized goo. This
would also require me to list all my directories in exclude clauses --
which would be a maintenance nightmare when I add and remove them.

Many thanks. The reason I have a lot of questions is because htdig is so

Tim Maroney
"The world is made possible, in part, by murk."

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