Re: htdig: backslashes in the search results page

Andrew Scherpbier (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 00:48:20 +0000

Tim Maroney wrote:
> I just tried to set up a search results page at (into
> which I installed htdig a few days ago to much rejoicing -- it is perhaps
> the coolest freeware I have ever seen). The result was inexplicable
> JavaScript errors.
> After some half-hour of hair-tearing I have found that htdig deletes
> backslashes from its search results page. This is bad. I use JavaScript
> and the code is heavily reliant on backslashes. More, the code is shared
> with other web pages and preprocessed into the output web pages, so if
> there is some special-purpose fix for the search results page that means
> I would have to dupe my code, which now lives in a single set of common
> source files. How do I prevent htdig from stripping backslashes? I have
> looked in the config file doc and don't see a setting that would be
> useful for this.
> Thanks in advance....

You have run into a problem that shows ht://Dig's age. :-(
I originally wrote ht://Dig before javascript was in use, and hence it
doesn't do anything special with it.
There are two solutions I can think of:
1) Fix the HTML parser in htdig
2) Make sure all your javascript code is properly commented out using <!--
and -->

Anyone else have other solutions?

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Contigo Software <>
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