HTDIG and cookies

Pitman, Mark A. (
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 16:03:59 -0700

I have a feature request. If I were a C++ programmer, I would add this
myself, but since I'm not, here goes:

Would it be very difficult to implement cookie support in htdig? The
reason being is that we use a product called HAHTsite for development of
cgi stuff for the web. It uses a cookie to keep track of state while
you are browsing through dynamically generated pages. It expects the
cookie to be passed back to the application server when you click on a
link to the next dynamic page, if you don't you get an error message
back. So, when htdig hits a dynamic page, it stops indexing because it
receives an error message back from the server when it tries to move
from the first dynamically generated page to the next. I've looked for
a commercial "spider" that supports this, but haven't found any either.
Besides, I like using htdig. It is simple, yet powerful!

Mark A. Pitman
Senior Internet Technologist
Corporate Information Services - ATG
Phelps Dodge Corporation

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