htdig: Re: htdig survey - eek!

Robert Logan (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 15:16:26 BST

> I would be more than happy to assist in this process but I can only
> offer mailinglists, webspace etc. and not programming knowledge.
> Can't we put all the patches that exist right now into the
> 3.0.8b2 release and put out a 3.0.9a or something?

Eeek - i was about to upgrade to 3.0.8xx - and now someone says
that several patches are kicking around. What do they do - are
they for general use .... has anyone got them nicely packaged ....

This is the classic problem of divergent pieces of work going
away from the original. Someone (if Andrew is too busy) should
take over maintenance co-ordination.

Answers - or Ill leave my htdig 3.0.7 running with my own
patches for now.

(2 engines below are htdig)

Linux - reaches the parts other beers fail to reach.
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