Re: htdig: Dig on One Machine (FreeBSD), Search on Another (Linux) --- Big Problems

J.E.J. op den Brouw (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 14:09:56 +0200

Eric Poole wrote:
> Unfortunately, the problem with htdig hanging up in an endless loop on
> Linux machines, a problem that's been with us for over a year, has gotten
> to the point where something must be done.
> So I built up a FreeBSD machine and decided to try to run htdig on that, to
> see if it could run on FreeBSD without hanging.
> A couple of weeks' testing indicates that we just might have gotten lucky
> ... htdig has run in several sessions for that time without a hangup.
> So, the problem is _definitely_ an incompatibility between htdig and Linux.

We've been running htdig on a Linux RH 4.2 box for over a year now.
3.0.7 and
3.0.8b1 gave trouble, but no problems with 3.0.8b2. (digging 6 machines
7500 doc's). Maybe there is a point from where htdig stops digging
say 20 machines with 50000 doc's. We should investigate this.

> Now, another problem has shown up ... If I create the htdig databases (the
> db.* files) on the FreeBSD machine and then copy them over to the Linux
> machine, they will not work ... users searching the database using htsearch
> will get back a "Server error" message resulting from a "fatal gdbm read
> error" or something really close to that.
> Does anyone know if there is some basic incompatibility between FreeBSD and
> Linux such that database files generated on one can't be used on the other?
> Is there a workaround?

Big endian or little endian problem?

In the file htlib/, you can find the routines for accessing
GDBM databases. Mabe you have te write some debugging code to discover
*real* errors that the GDBM routines return.
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