htdig: Dig on One Machine (FreeBSD), Search on Another (Linux) --- Big Problems

Eric Poole (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 07:04:54 -0400

Unfortunately, the problem with htdig hanging up in an endless loop on
Linux machines, a problem that's been with us for over a year, has gotten
to the point where something must be done.

So I built up a FreeBSD machine and decided to try to run htdig on that, to
see if it could run on FreeBSD without hanging.

A couple of weeks' testing indicates that we just might have gotten lucky
... htdig has run in several sessions for that time without a hangup.

So, the problem is _definitely_ an incompatibility between htdig and Linux.

Now, another problem has shown up ... If I create the htdig databases (the
db.* files) on the FreeBSD machine and then copy them over to the Linux
machine, they will not work ... users searching the database using htsearch
will get back a "Server error" message resulting from a "fatal gdbm read
error" or something really close to that.

Does anyone know if there is some basic incompatibility between FreeBSD and
Linux such that database files generated on one can't be used on the other?
 Is there a workaround?

 . . . . . ep

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