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Mark Boyns (
16 Apr 1998 10:24:15 -0700

On 16 Apr 1998 writes:

> Mark Boyns wrote:
> >
> > Andrew, does htdig support virtual hosts via the HTTP Host header?
> > I'm having a strange problem with one of James Pei's servers and I
> > suspect he must have mucked something up....
> >
> > If you're interested, trying searching for "housing". It returns
> > which should really be
> > or maybe even
> > Note that career and cnames of
> > starter.
> >
> > Argh, I might have to call him :)
> Better you than me, buddy! :-)

You're telling me...

> I think the problem might be the conflict between the need to map aliases to a
> single host and the ability to support virtual hosts.
> If the allow_virtual_hosts attribute is set to true, htdig doesn't perform the
> hostname canonicalization. When I started working on ht://Dig that presented
> a big problem with machines that had aliases but not virtual hosts. (I don't
> know if you remember, but most of the life sciences web pages were indexed 2
> or three times because of that...)
> So the problem is the mixing of the two modes.
> htdig sends out the "Host:" header in all cases, but only when
> "allow_virtual_hosts" is set to true will it actually attempt to send the
> correct value for the "Host:" header.
> If "allow_virtual_hosts" is false, then hostnames are compared by IP address
> and the "Host:" header will only ever get the first hostname used for any
> particular IP address.

Ok, I'll check it out. From the htdig output I don't see any
reference to starter or so I'm thinking that
allow_virtual_hosts might fix it. (I'm using 3.0.8b1)

> I don't know what version of ht://Dig you're running. I added the
> "allow_virtual_hosts" attribute in 3.0.8b1, I believe (Goddamn disk crash
> whiped out my CVS tree!!!)

You don't have 80GB completely mirrored like rohan? :)

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