patch to allow addition of URLs

Edmond Abrahamian (
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 21:53:15 +0200 (EET)

Hi Andrew,

   I am submitting this small patch for the file htdig/ It allows
the option of digging new URLs without having to re-dig all the URLs that
are already in the database. The patch is included as an attachment, and is
to be fed into larry wall's patch program's stdin. It will prompt you for
the file to patch ( which it will *replace*. I should mention that
I am talking about the htdig-3.0.8b2 version in this context.

   Of course, once the new url(s) are digged, we still have to htmerge
afterwards but we save an awful amount of time by incrementally adding
URLS rather than digging everything from scratch.

   I hope I have not grossly overlooked anything. I looked into the whole
htdig program, after which I concluded that this simple fix should do. I
hope I am right...

   I have tested it on one small database and one rather large database,
with great success. I would hope that if you agree, to give the htdig
community the chance to beat on the patch while the stuff is still in beta.


  Edmond Abrahamian (

    if (!new_urls_only) {
       List *list = docs.URLs();

       delete list;
    // URLs to the initial list of the retriever. However do this only
    // if we are not adding new URLs only (i.e. -n option)

    // seed the retriever object with the list of start URLs, unless
    // we're requesting to add new URLs only without scanning the ones
    // already in the database (-n option), in which case we will seed
    // the retriever with those new URLs only
    if (!new_urls_only)



    String l;
    if (!new_urls_only)
       l = config["limit_urls_to"];
       l = config["limit_new_urls_to"];

            case 'n':
    while ((c = getopt(ac, av, "sc:vith:u:an")) != -1)
    int new_urls_only = 0;

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