ht://Dig has been ported to MPE/iX (HP 3000)

Lars Appel (
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 23:54:33 +0000

Hello Andrew,

first of all, thanks a lot for the great ht://Dig package. I have never used
it on Unix but after reading the documentation at I was sure
that it would fulfill a need that I have since I have setup web servers on
our local HP 3000 systems here.

The desire was strong enough that I took the time to pick up the source
and port it to MPE/iX, the (proprietary) OS of the HP 3000 (which are
hardware brethren of the HP 9000 Unix systems).

While MPE/iX is a "legacy" operating system (not just another Unix)
with a 25 year history, it has Posix interfaces for a few years now and
also a ported version of the GNU C/C++ compiler. So I did not have to
change a single line of source code (just a small number of adjustments
in configure scripts and Makefile templates) to make a first version run

Just thought, I'd drop a line to say thanks and let you know :-)

Kind regards,

Lars Appel
HP Response Center
Ratingen, Germany

(ported Samba and htdig not as part of my job, just "for fun")

By the way,

 ...more info on ht://Dig for MPE/iX at

 ...on other HP 3000 freeware at (follow link mis-labeled "public domain sw")

 ...on HP 3000 computers in general

Thanks again. Lars.

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