Problems w/ " " and ht://dig

Bryan K. Wright (bryan@ayesha.phys.Virginia.EDU)
Wed, 08 Apr 1998 10:40:12 -0400

Hi Andrew,

        I've just started using ht://dig, and I've noticed that
it seems to have problems with the SGML entity " ". For example,
a document containing:

                Louis A. Bloomfield

will be found by an htsearch on "bloomfield", but a document containing

                Louis A. Bloomfield

won't be found. Looking at the source (, it seems
that this should work. If you'd like to see it yourself,
you can find an example at:

(you're welcome to "htdig" the whole site if you like. It's
small, and it only takes a few minutes to run "rundig" on it.)
I don't know whether this affects other SGML entities.

        I'm using htdig-3.0.8b2, running under AIX 3.25, compiled
with gcc/g++ 2.7.2. I'll append a copy of my htdig.conf file below.

        Thanks in advance for any advice.


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