Re: htdig: two questions...
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 13:23:00 +0930 (CST)

On 7 Apr, wrote:
> with 3.0.8b2, can i match on phrases? something like "academic computing",
> so the results with be the exact match, not ANDing the words together?

>From a little bit of experimenting, it seems that you can't. Even
enclosing the phrase in quotes does'nt work.

> also, is it possible to remove the :80 from the urls generated and have
> the default as 80? it's just a matter of asthetics, but the higher-ups
> don't like it.

Typical management :-(

I suspect this may be related more to your server than to HtDig - I
don't get the port number as part of the link returned by HtDig. Does
this occur with other (non-HtDig) links?

If you know your way around c++, a grep of the ht source for http, ss
erver and HTTP might be useful - I wonder if the URL is got from an
environment variable like HTTP_HOST or SERVER_NAME?


David Robley

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