Re: htdig: Htdig Using Berkeley 2.3.16 Database System

J.E.J. op den Brouw (
Mon, 06 Apr 1998 11:38:08 +0200

Andrew Scherpbier wrote:

> > now and it seems to work on a 7400 doc's database.
> Can you send the patches to me? Maybe this should be a 3.0.8b3... :-)

Note: I didn't test it on any other machines than RH 4.2 & 5.0. Don't
know how it compiles on Win32 systems or e.g. Sun. I think you need
at least mmap (but I'm not sure..).

I'll try to make a little how-to on it. I have to recall myself what
I actualy did. B.T.W, how should I interpret the data in the databases?
I don't have the faintest idea.

> > I will make a patch in a few days. Maybe it handy to place a tar file
> > with the complete code somewhere on a web page.
> I'll add it to the site.

Okay, I'll have to pick a nice site to put it on but when it's in
3.0.8b,3 I'll remove it.
> > Anyone interested? Try
> > (it's in dutch, beware!).
> 't ziet er goed uit.

Dank je wel!
> > Linux - because reboots are for hardware changes

It's better that Micro$ost...
> Yes! :-) (Although unfortunately I have had to reboot due to automount
> problems...)

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