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Jesse op den Brouw (
Fri, 03 Apr 1998 15:17:21 +0200

Dan Fuller wrote:
> Greetings all,
> I've been on the list for a few months now in preparation for the day that I
> would install htdig on our campus server...well, that day has finally come!
> The compile and installation went very smoothly, as did my first dig of the
> database (though it took a few hours on this "doggy" machine!). All appears to
> be working well, except that I can't figure out how to exclude student
> webpages (ie. those beginning with /~). These directories are all on another
> machine mounted in /home, but it appears that htdig needs a way to limit via
> the url's rather than absolute unix paths. My hidden val's in the search form
> are reproduced below:
> <input type=hidden name=config value=htdig>
> <input type=hidden name=restrict value="">
> <input type=hidden name=exclude value="">
> I've tried excluding values of "/~", "/~*", "*/~*", as well as with trailing
> "/~#", etc. When I do this, it excludes my entire database from the
> searches (ignoring the tilde I suppose). Any ideas?
> I noticed in the archives that Jesse in the Netherlands (hello jesse!) also
> had this question back in May (though I didn't see an answer posted)...I've
> cc'd him in the hopes he may have found a solution since then.

I have an andvanced test search page with select menu's for both
restrict and exclude. I thought i worked....

Arggghhh! Tested it and it DOES NOT seem to work! Strange, I can
remember it worked...

Will look into it when having time. I can remember that some had made a
patch or
something on this subject, but that was a while ago.....
> Many thanks!
> -dan
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> fax: 925-3955

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