htdig: File names patch for htsearch

Sylvain Wallez (
Wed, 01 Apr 1998 14:33:08 +0200

Hi, htdig lovers !

Some of you asked me to send the patch to display the file name instead
of "[No title]" for text files. So, here it is (for htdig 3.0.8b2) !
In file htsearch/, the beginning of method
Display::displayMatch (line 150) should be changed as follows :

Display::displayMatch(ResultMatch *match)
    String *str;
    DocumentRef *ref = match->getRef();

    if (needExcerpt)
        vars.Add("EXCERPT", excerpt(ref));

// Change - begin
// Old code: vars.Add("URL", new String(match->getURL()));
        char *url = match->getURL();
        vars.Add("URL", new String(url));
// Change - end

    vars.Add("SCORE", new String(form("%d", match->getScore())));
    char *title = ref->DocTitle();
    if (!title || !*title)

// Change - begin
// Old code: title = "[No title]";
// Old code: vars.Add("TITLE", new String(title));
        title = strrchr(url, '/');
        if (title)
            title++; // Skip slash
            str = new String(form("[%s]", title));
            // URL without '/' ??
            str = new String("[No title]");
        str = new String(title);
    vars.Add("TITLE", str);
// Change - end

    vars.Add("STARSRIGHT", generateStars(ref, 1));

That's all. Now, you will have "[foo_bar.txt]" instead of "[No title]".

By the way, I'm still interested in indexing PDF files. Does somebody
know where I can find a simple PDF parser ? It just has to give the list
of words, so that I can build an external file parser for htdig.

Best regards.

Sylvain Wallez                  Software engineer / Intranet Webmaster
Alcatel Espace
Toulouse, France          
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