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Weis Markus (
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 14:43:35 +0200

Hi Andrew !

I have a short question on htdig.

The following scenery:
Imagine you have a product catalogue on your homepage. The catalague can
only be accessed by passing a special HTML-form that (let's say) gathers
some information on the user. After he has filled out the form he gets
access to all the product-pages.

The problem:
If someone searches ie. for article ABC123 with htdig he should get a
search result page saying "there's documentation on this article in the
product-info section of our homepage" along with a link to the page with
the HTML-form which is the entrance page to this section.
Otherwise people could get on those article-specific pages without
filling in the HTML-fom.

So is it possible to tell htdig, that those search results, that match a
certain directory, are displayed with a simple text (or better: HTML)
message without the URL of the respective page ?

Thanx again for your time and support.
Your EBV-shirt will go on it's way in April !

Greetinx, Markus

Markus Weis
Web-Designer/programmer - IT
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