Search Engine not working.

Sharma Krauskopf (
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 17:17:42 -0500

This is my second email about this.  Tech support at has
been working trying to fix the engine but it still is not working.

Here are the details.

The site is registered with as That is the name I signed up for the search engine under. One of the tech support people did the following

> I took a look at your site and htdig... > There are certain things htdig doesn't understand, > like the JavaScript you're using to redirect your main page. > And the link you had to that page .. contained a typo. > It said <a href="rad.htp">. > > The htdig configuration file is at /www06414/htdig/conf/htdig.conf. > In this file, there is an attribute called "limit_urls_to". By default, > this attribute is set equal to "start_url", which is the URL of your > site. In your case, it is "". I have > changed the "limit_urls_to" attribute to > "" to allow htdig to index > both of the sites. And... "rundig" is still running. Oh, it's done :) > > I tried some searches, but it appears to be insisting that this site > is rather than > Did you still wish to have us uninstall htdig for you? > > Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. > > Thank you. > - Chie > MindSpring Web Hosting Support

Now the search engine works except it names all the replies when they come from Scottish Radiance. Go and try it at

If I can not get it to report then I will probably have to take it off. It will confuse the readers.

Please answer as quickly as possible. >

Alba gu brąth! (Scotland Forever), Sharma Krauskopf Editor - Scottish Radiance email:

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