htdig: only including html files with extended pattern matching into indexing list ?

Michael Pfannkuchen (
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 14:22:58 +0100

Hallo there,

this is Michael, I work as systems engineer for a internet content
provider in Hamburg / Germany.

During my internet search for a Full Text Retrieval system I had a first
look over htdig.

I find it very useful, but there is one issue which is not clear enough to
me now: because our artists have very different layout ideas, we
extensively use navigation frames at the bottom, the top and the left of
our site: what happens, if htdig return one of these HTML-pages to the user
and he clicks on the displayed link ?
Or, thought from the other side: is there a safe way to include only
several HTML files in indexing process ?

The following, in actual configuration file not valid include_url statement
would solve the whole problem for me:
include_urls: index.htm _i.htm
Is there a way to realize this ?

Thanks for any help and comments:

(GC Technik, callsign Dekamerone)

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