htdig: Too many results

Paul Lucas (
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 16:03:07 -0800

     Hello all,
     I hope that this is not a FAQ, I could not find it in the list
     I have a system which contains 500,000+ short documents which is
     growing fast and a poorly formulated search (a single common word),
     can generate more than 100,000 matches and take several minutes to
     respond - when the server does not just time out.
     As no one ever goes beyond the first few dozen I am trying to find a
     way to limit the number of matches and/or pages of matches that are
     returned to something more sensible.
     The search_results_header and footer sections of the configuration
     file format reference document mention a variable MAX_MATCHES which is
     different from MATCHES and contains the number of maximum displayed
     matches. This sounds like it might be useful but I cannot find any
     other reference to it and although I tried setting
     max_matches: 200
     in the configuration file it did not make any difference.
     Does anyone know how to use this, or any other method, to limit the
     number of matches that are returned.
     I am not a C programmer and a systems provider has modified our
     program to interface it with a document permissions database so I am
     not sure how standard our version is or how easy it would be to apply
     a patch.
     Thanks in advance,
     Paul Lucas
     Frost & Sullivan
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