Re: htdig: 1st timer
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 11:19:46 +0930 (CST)

On 21 Mar, Jay and/or Blaise wrote:
> Hi all
> Just downloaded htdig.
> I want to make my site searchable from user inputted info.
> I want to make a directory of local advertisers, they will supply me
> with title, description and keywords. Returned info will list these
> details together with a link to their url.
> Have i d/loaded the correct utility for the task?... or have i bitten
> off more than I can chew?
> Cheers

Well, you could do it with htdig. You'd need to store the advertiser
information as a series of html pages to get htdig to index them. Then
perhaps you could put the keywords in as meta tags and increase the
weighting that htdig applies to keywords.

The potential down side is that you will get a search result that
returns the entire page containing the advertiser information - so you
would need to have a link to the advertiser included in that page. And
also searches will look for text in the pages as well as keywords.


David Robley

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