htdig future plans

gary.h.sitzmann (
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 14:48:18 -0600


A couple of weeks ago, I saw email on the htdig list asking
about plans for htdig and when a new release is going to come
out. I haven't seen a response to the question (I may have
missed it since I don't always read the htdig mail too
closely), so I'd see if you can resend the reply if any
either to the list or direct.

I've found htdig very useful, my one complaint is the size of
the database. My db.words.gdbm is .5 gig and the db.wordlist
is .25 Gig and they are continually growing.

Several months ago I saw something about a new database implementation but
nothing since then. Probably because
you've been working on other things than htdig, but would
like to hear what plans are.


 Gary H. Sitzmann

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