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François Gendron (
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 10:26:33 -0500


I run a mailing list on the Internet for which I was planning to use
HtDig as a web search engine for the archives.

I have obtained and configured HtDig and have harvested and indexed the
archives. I have been able to perform searches on the archives and I
must say this works great!

Now, my problem lies with the fact that I would like the HtDig database
to be updated with new additions to the archive.

I have run the HtDig process again, but find that it retrieves the
complete archive again, thinking all the documents have been updated
since the last dig. The archive pages are created by a perl script.

Is there a way I can tell HtDig that a page has not changed between digs
and only to work on new links from the root dig page?

Thanks for any help provided.

Thanks also for providing such a great tool!

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