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Fri, 27 Feb 1998 11:37:59 +0000 (GMT)

Hello ppl,

my first posting here; thanks a lot to the author for the >very< nice tool

now, has anybody tried to use templates? I can get the template for the
result-lines to work but different templates for different sites for the
header, the footer, nothing found and systax error pages just wont work.

I have tried with absolute paths with relative ones, whatever, I just get
a "blank screen" for the template parts. No error messages in the logs
and nowhere. I'm using the Debian hamm version of htdig3.0.8b2-2.

Is there anyone that has succeeded to completely customise at least 2
different template sets that are being used in parallel? Could that person
mail me it's configuration/setup?

Btw. as a suggestion, I had a lot of trouble with paths. It would be very
convenient if htsearch could be verbose about stuff it doesn't find or
has trouble with i.e. emit error messages so I could have a look in
apache/[cgi,access,error].log. Eventually triggered by a flag (passing
log=verbose or something).

Thanks for your attention and eventual suggestions/ideas,

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