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Ed Orcutt (
Sat, 21 Feb 1998 18:58:25 -1000


The ht://Dig mailing list archives have been moved to a new machine
within my LAN. It has move CPU horsepower and a 4GB Seagate Cheetah
hard-drive. And yes, the search engine for the mailing list archives
is working once more. Access to the new home of the ht://dig mailing
list archives will be over a faster link to the Internet ... my new
Cable Modem :-)

While moving the mailing list archives to a new machine I have
switched from using hypermail to mhonarc. As a result this required
me to rewrite my scripts and page design from the ground up. Just to
make matters worst the two year old 486/66 that has served as my
router drew it's last breath last weekend. So in addition to moving
the mailing list archives I was forced to migrate all my systems to
a new box.

Only this afternoon have I put the finishing touches on this new
mailing list archival system and search interface. So, if you notice
any problems please let me know and I will fix them as soon a possible.


-later, edo

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