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Thu, 19 Feb 1998 11:53:49 +0100


we are using ht://DIG since some month for our Website and we like it.
But I have a probleme which could solve so far. Perhaps there is someone

out there who can help.

I want to search in German webpages for a String, let's say: Strom and
the result should give words as Stromschiene, Stromausfall etc.

In the configuration file there is the following line
search_algorithm: exact:1 synonyms:0.5 endings:0.1

The search-result just gives me the exact word, nothing else. What about

the weight? Has the sum to be 1?

May be that htfuzzy just uses an English dictionary, so tht it could not

work with German pages.
What else has to be configurated. Of course I run the htfuzzy before

Please send an answer to my email address.


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