htdig: Problems with htdig/Mac computers

Erik Campo (
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 11:36:10 -0500 (EST)


Up until now, everything seems to work very nicely, except
for one slight problem we're having. Let's say we try this
research with the Mathes: All option. The keywords will be
pensée économique (accents in the second e of pensee and the first
of economique for those who might not see them). So, as you can see,
there are accents accompanying the e. Ok, so it finds out 33
matches and shows me 10 for the first page. If I try to se the
other pages, I get the following error (let's say I try with page
two, for starters): No matches found fpr 'pens et e et conomique'
(yes, I've slightly modified htsearch so I get et|ou instead
of and|or). In the Refine search: field I get the following
words: pens*e *conomique. So, it seems that the search engine
or Netscape has eaten away my accents and replaced them with
asterisks. BTW, all of this happens when I try htdig under a
Mac and with Netscape Communicator. If I use Windows '95 with
either Netscape 3 or Communicator, it does not happen. That is,
I do get the next results. Same thing with Netscape 3.01 under
Linux. Also, for more info, I've used the same exact html files
that come with the package in order to make sure everything would
work. For those of you who want to, you can always go and try at:

Now you will see a modified page, that has the exact same
problem as if using the original html files.

So, if anyone knows what shall I do in order to make it work
correctly under Mac, I'd be very grateful. Especially since we
want to make the service available today or tomorrow morning.

Thank you very much.

Erik Campo.

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