htdig: Re: htdig@... on-line archives - searchable ?

Ed Orcutt (
Sat, 07 Feb 1998 11:14:45 -1000


As it just so happens after several months of living on the edge
of full partitions I have moved the mailing lists that I host to
another machine on my LAN. This was accomplished last night, and
everything seems to be working well. Over the next few days I will
port my hypermail archive scripts and configure the ht://dig search

I am sorry for the delay ... a number of issues had to be resolved
to make all this happen.

To give you some idea of what the final mailing list archives and
search interface will look like, take a look at what I have implemented
at Caldera:

I will post a message to this mailing list as soon as I have the
new mailing list archives (and search engine) up and running.

-later, edo

>> Here's what Thomas-M. Stein said:
> I am missing very much the searchability of our htdig@...on-line
> archives.
> I wrote to Ed Orcutt a while ago and he told me that this
> is due to a lack of discspace on his server. Is there no way of getting
> him some discspace to get that service up running again ? !
> I think a lot of questions wouldn't be asked twice or three times
> (I guess I did it myself as well) if we could use those archives
> more efficiently.
> Browsing those valuable archives 'by hand' is very time consuming and
> inefficient - even I try to do my best before I post a question.

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