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Thu, 05 Feb 1998 00:30:21 -0800

At 09:30 AM 2/4/98 -0800, you wrote:
>> >>I'm having a problem with htDig that I'm hoping you would be willing
>> >>to help me out on. I've got a list of 38 URL's that I want to include
>> >>in the index. If I create the htdig.conf with up to 20 of those URL's,
>> >>it works fine. But anything beyond that and it never seems to get past
>> >>the point of counting the tokens and starting the retrieval. I've let
>> >>it run for over 48 hours with all URL's and nothing ever happens. The
>> >>CPU use fluctuates between 85 & 96 percent, so I know it's trying to
>> >>do something. I'm running in -verbose mode when I execute "rundig" so
>> >>I know that it's never even starting on the first URL. Any ideas?
>> >
>> >Actually, I just noticed that I can get up to 33 URL's, and the one
>> >it is sticking on is just an IP address instead of a name. Would
>> >that make a difference?
>> Ok, I've done a bit more digging and think I have the problem really
>> narrowed down, now I just need a solution. :)
>> If the start_url (in htdig.conf) is over 1000 characters, it never calls
>> the retriever, if it's under 1000 characters, it works fine. My problem
>> is that 1000 characters isn't enough, it leaves off 5 of the URL's that
>> I want to include in the index.
>> So I have 3 possible solutions:
>> 1. Allow start_url to be over 1000 characters
>> 2. Assign the url's some other way and forget about start_url
>> 3. Make 2 (or more) conf files, each with the start_url string less
>> than 1000 characters, execute rundig against both of those conf
>> files, and somehow combine the results into one database.

>Change the declaration of buffer[1000] to buffer[10000] on line 265 in

Ok, I did that and htdig completes without a problem now. But, now htmerge
doesn't work. It hangs as soon as it starts. Any ideas here?

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