Re: htdig: Hanging on French-language site

Thomas-M. Stein (
Tue, 3 Feb 1998 20:37:42 +0100 (MEZ)


>It appears that htdig is hanging on a french-language site we are trying to
>index. Anyone have an idea why it would freeze up on:

I found that htdig seems to be quite fussy about certain tags
(I don't know which ones yet, I had some problems on my own site).
I downloaded that page and ran 'weblint' across that page to check
for the syntax.

There are a lot of mistakes on that page. Most of them shouldn't do much
harm but as I found that htdig looks for certain tags (f. example the
Title) the following ones seem to me most suspicious.

 unmatched </BODY> (no matching <BODY> seen).
 no closing </HTML> seen for <HTML> on line 1.

If I get it right the 'body' is actually empty and the html file doesn't
have an 'end'.

This is just a guess.



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