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Thomas-M. Stein (
Tue, 3 Feb 1998 19:48:55 +0100 (MEZ)

Dear Mr. Tom Soderberg:

You wrote:
>I saw that you had posted a message about the htdig/AIX combination. I'm
>trying to build htdig on AIX4.2.1, but it doesn't seem to work. Your post
>gave the impression that you had managed to compile it, is this correct?
>I get the following errors:
>ld: 0706-006 Cannot find or open library file: -l ht
> ld:open(): No such file or directory
>collect2: ld returned 255 exit status

I had specially problems compiling with the 'htdig-3_0_8b1'
and it couldn't find something somewhere as well (I don't remember
exactly what). I am not an expert and I had someone helping me.
We solved it by linking that file, which was there but just couldn't be
found, into the main directory and then it worked. During that problems
I looked for an update and I found that there was a NEWER version
'htdig-3_0_8b2' directly on their ftp site !! The link on the WWW page
ist WRONG ! and points to the older version. I didn't have the problems
I had with the b2 version.

Still I had the 'line 14' problem I described earliere in one of my
mails. Here the section of my mail:

Running 'make' I get an error in 'line 14' of Makefile

10 ...
11 NO_DIST= BETA.DIST htdig/*.conf htmerge/*.conf htsearch/*.conf \
12 htfuzzy/*.conf *.gz */*.gz *~ */*~ mailarchive \
13 .\#* */.\#* */*/.\#* \
14 CVS */CVS */*/CVS */*/*/CVS

I am not a programmer and hardly understand what's going on there.
I 'solved'(sorry) it by deleting that line and the '\' of line 13.

> I tried searching
>for 'AIX' on the mailing list, but the search-engine was broke :(

Yes that is in really a problems. I wrote to them and they told me that
they ran out of diskspace. I hope that they will fix it soon.

Hope it was at least of some help



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