htDig 3.0.8b1

Bryan Mohr (
Tue, 03 Feb 1998 04:25:38 -0800

I'm having a problem with htDig that I'm hoping you would be willing
to help me out on. I've got a list of 38 URL's that I want to include
in the index. If I create the htdig.conf with up to 20 of those URL's,
it works fine. But anything beyond that and it never seems to get past
the point of counting the tokens and starting the retrieval. I've let
it run for over 48 hours with all URL's and nothing ever happens. The
CPU use fluctuates between 85 & 96 percent, so I know it's trying to
do something. I'm running in -verbose mode when I execute "rundig" so
I know that it's never even starting on the first URL. Any ideas?

Bryan Mohr or

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