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many thanks for your answers which help me to understand how htdig
works. By the way, I got it work again just this evening but I think it
was a server problem of some kind. After a reboot of the server by our
admin it worked fine - at least that is my interpretation.

>>7. Is my password somehow included during compiling
>> (as I have chaned it meanwhile ?
>No, though you might have put it into the config file.

How does that work ?

>>8. Are there certain things htdig doesn't like at all in a
>> hitting an html page ?
>Not that I know of. If it somehow hits an infinite loop (like your server
>inserts unique numbers into URLs), that's obviously bad.

I found that htdig just doesn't like certain tags. I have certain areas
I just cannot dig and have to exclude them. I had one page wich I had to
edit before htdig would continue beyond that page ! I have remove the
following tag from the header and I think that was the reason
(but not 100 % sure)

".. META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT="Mozilla/3.01Gold (Win16; I) [Netscape]".."

>>9. Other AIX problems known ?
>I think some people have had problems. I think they were compilation issues.

"Line 14" Problem as well ?

Many thanks


Thomas Stein

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