Re: htdig: Had it to run - but now hangs at start

Thomas-M. Stein (
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 19:17:47 +0100 (MEZ)

According to Matthias Eckermann:
>On Sat, 31 Jan 1998, Thomas-M. Stein wrote:
>> the whole thing just hangs right in the beginning ! I cannot
>> even kill the process anymore (kill -9). All what it visually
>> does is to to create 'db.docdb' (0 bytes).
>> I have delete the database and tryed it again - same result.
>> I have changed the start URL - same result.
>> I have completely recompiled the program - same result.
>> I have compiled and installed 'htdig-3.0.8b2' - same result.
>> My System Admin said that he didn't alter anything which could
>> cause that program halt - I try to belive :-).
>> I myself said that I didn't alter anything as well - so I am realy
>> stuck.
>Perhaps, only a bad idea, do you have some M$-Frontpage-Pages with
>"DOCBASE" or something set? This could perfectly break htdig, i think,
>but i`am not shure.

Thanks Matthias for your reply !
I got it to RUN just about 1 hour ago !!!

The reason why is not quite clear yet but our system admin had
our server rebooted and I think that might have solved the
problem ... even they told me that it couldn't be :-) ...

By the way I don't have any 'M$-Frontpage-Pages' on my site but
I realized that htig is very fussy about certain tags and just
stops at that page. I couldn't get to run past a page until I removed
that section.

>>From Munich - best regards
> Matthias
>From Witzenhausen - best regards



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