htdig core dumps when -t is passed

Matt Armstrong (
26 Jan 1998 18:57:22 -0800

I'm using 3.0.8b1.

htdig's -t argument always works for me when run with a fairly
restricted set of web pages, but when I let it browse our Berkeley
local pages (~6200 pages) AND pass -t, it seg faults. Omitting the -t
argument works.

It always seg faults while creating the text database. The "String
data" variable in DocumentDB::CreateSearchDB() becomes corrupted just
before or within the "dbf->Get(key, data)" call in that method. I'll
also note that a few times when debugging this a timeout alarm
occurred, which seemed a little weird since all the http stuff is
finished at that point. Because it only happens after digging a large
document set, I haven't had many chances to look at it within gdb.

Have you seen this problem before?


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