Great program...

Richard Munro (
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 21:16:13 -0500

Your program "htdig" is a great program. Congratulations. Everyone at
our college is commenting on how nice the program is and how well it

I am having a little problem though. It has to do with "htmerge". I
decided rather than try to append to the existing database each day, I
would instead create a new configuration file pointing to a new
directory and create from scratch, swapping directories at the end of
the run. This was the result of having difficulty getting "htmerge" to
run from the cron, although it seemed to run fine when I was online and
did things manually.

I've tried everything I can think, checked all of the files,
reinstalled, and what happens is this: if I do the "htmerge" run
manually, everything seems to work fine. If I put it up to run
automatically after the "htdig" run, either with or without the -a
option, it invariably fails.

We'd love to continue using the program, but I really don't want to have
to rebuild the index by hand every day. Can you shed any insight of
what I might look for as the cause for this strange situation? I've
gone over about 30 years of experience in troubleshooting but can't find
the solution to this *very* strange problem.

Your help would be greatly appreciated...

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