htdig: Understand htdig - what does it use ?

Thomas-M. Stein (
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 17:22:05 +0100 (MEZ)

I am trying to track down this very strange problems I have and
narrow the area where to look for posible solutions (it may be
something very simple I have not thought about or forgot).
So please excuse this maybe strange questions. I have read
'How it works' and 'htig' and other information on the htdig
information pages.

Here my questions:
1. Is 'htdig' using some sort of 'browser' (internal one) ?
2. Does 'htdig' need the httpd running on the server where
   it is executed on ?
3. Would it start 'digging' on another specified server without
   a local httpd running ? (Which doesn't realy make sense
   unless I want to keep the information to myself I guess)
4. Are there certain settings at the server needed ?
5. What external modules, libaries etc. are needed when running
   htdig, etc.
6. What about permissions (files, directories)
   The 'db' directories and files are 'r' and 'x'.
   The 'bin', 'common', 'conf' etc are like above.
   The 'cgi' section is no problem
7. Is my password somehow included during compiling
   (as I have chaned it meanwhile ?
8. Are there certain things htdig doesn't like at all in a
   hitting an html page ?
9. Other AIX problems known ?

I hope I get some assistance as I am really in trouble. I have tried
to impoved the services I am providing at our Department and have set
up some new ones as well in which htdig plays a major role. An now
I am stuck. Still got the old database running but I need to update.

If I don't get the problem solved I have waisted about two months of


Thomas Stein

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