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Jesse op den Brouw (
Mon, 19 Jan 1998 16:50:38 +0100

Ivo van Steenbruggen wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to make more databases for different sites. I.e.:
> I want to make a db of:
> And another db of:
> How can I do this and how should I search from another database?
> Regards,
> Ivo

There are two ways you can do it:

Make two separate databases; you need two config files with it's own
database_dir: .... and start_url: ... line. You'll get two complete

Or you can use one config file, specifing both the urls in the
line and use the restrict option in the search.html page. Next is what
I've done at our school:

(index all servers in one big database. note: some words are in dutch)

Beperk tot: <select name=restrict>
<option value="">(geen beperking)
<option>hogeschool web-server
<option selected>sector techniek
<option>sector I&I
<option>sector E&M
<option>sector OST
<option>sector GG&M
<option value="|">technische sectoren

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