Re: htDig local file support

Pasi Eronen (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 18:00:57 +0200 (EET)

> However the biggest problem with local files access right now IMHO is that
> it doesn't do update digs. More accurately, it doesn't determine that a
> file hasn't changed and so it doesn't need to parse it or change the
> database.

Hmm, I guess it isn't working then, since in my local file
access patch (function Document::RetrieveLocal) I have:

  if ((stat(filename, &stat_buf) == -1) || !S_ISREG(stat_buf.st_mode))
    return Document_not_local;

  modtime = stat_buf.st_mtime;
  if (modtime <= date)
    return Document_not_changed;

> I'm also willing to do additional testing of any revisions you might have
> made to the code (for 3.0.8b3 or 3.1 or whatever).

I've been planning to integrate the rest of my patches for a
long time, but always when I found both time and energy to do
this, Andrew's CVS server has been down, or I have found some
other excuse :) If I get something done, I'll keep you informed...

Best regards,

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