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Subject: Problems using a custom conf file

 I tried to search the archives for an answer to my problem, but the
search isn't working, so I'm hoping someone on this list can help.

I'd like to setup a search that gives the user a choice between exact
and fuzzy searches. From what I can tell, to do that I need to have two
separate conf files, and let the user select them via a drop down, i.e.:

Find documents with <select name="config">
<option value="htdig">similar
<option value="htdig-exact">exact
matches of the specified keywords.

The problem is that although this follows the format specified on the htdig
web site, it doesn't work. I get the following error:

Unable to read configuration file '/web/htdig/conf/htdightdig.conf'

So for some reason, it is using the wrong path name. Any ideas how
I might be able to fix this?


-Cari D. Burstein

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