Re: Forwarded message: htdig list problems

Matthias Steffen (
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 17:40:42 +0100

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Scherpbier <> writes:

Andrew> Make sure that you send to, not

I've tried both already (one mail to contigo, 2 to in December but
they all disappeared somewhere... By the way, the mailing list archive search
is broken as well !

But maybe you can help me out.

- Are there any known problems with the 'exclude' field for htsearch. If I
  put an URL in here htsearch only returns documents under that URL (so it's
  exactly the same what 'restrict' - which works fine - does :-( ).

- Are there any plans for some kind of frame support in htdig ? Like using
  a meta tag in subframes that give the URL of the according frameset page
  which could then be displayed for the search result.


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