htdig: gdbm write error

David Lloyd (
Sat, 10 Jan 1998 11:21:05 -0600 (CST)

I'm indixing a large site (all of, ~3GB of files after
digging), but I can't seem to get ht://dig to work quite right. I've got
a 4GB filesystem allocated to ht://dig, TEMPDIR points there (for sorting,
so I don't run out of disk space), but ht://dig consistently errors out

gdbm fatal: write error.

The last line of output from htmerge also looks funny:

htmerge: Removing doc #9982
htmerge: Removing doc #9989
htmerge: Removing doc #lot- c:1 l:1 i:174747 w:99900 a:0

All other docs have doc numbers when they get removed. Has anyone seen
this before? Any and all wisdom is appreciated. I'd really like to get
this product working before too long.

Thanks for any and all help,

David Lloyd
Webmaster, System Administrator MU's SGI/NeXT Network

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