Re: htdig: local search or https?

ing. J.E.J. op den Brouw (
Tue, 30 Dec 1997 15:22:08 +0100 (MET)

On Tue, 30 Dec 1997, Joergen Haegg wrote:

> I wonder if there is an easy way to solve this:
> My webserver has both http- and https-ports active, the document
> can be accessed thru both ports.
> But I only allow https externally.
> So if I search thru https I get a list with http-documents
> wich are unreachable externally.
> Now, I see two solutions for this:
> 1. Strip the protocol and server-name from $(URL) in htsearch.

You have to write a patch for htdig. Not funny at all.

> 2. Make htdig use https.

This will be the most problematic(?) of all options. htdig acts as a
browser during digging, so you have to write code into htdig to
do this. And believe me, it not fun at all....

> The first must be the easiest, the second a bit harder.
> Any other ideas?

Better is to write a perl script to update to database. I think that
the db.docdb has all the URL's in it. Read them out, change http://
to https:// and rewrite the database (I'm not sure how Perl does it,
just learning Perl now). This has to be done every time you update
your database.

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